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Saturday 16th February 2019

MTB Bowland Loop - Dave Brook
A group ride report. MTB Bowland Loop. 3 brave souls assembled for the off at 9:30 - Only 1 (me) having previously ridden the route. A fairly brisk start soon slowed as we climbed to our first downhill challenge Ouster Rake. A just do it and don't think about what could go wrong section. From there we climbed and walked up Blue Scar before my favourite descent of the day to a big house. I think most would agree it was steep.... From there the bog fest of Dunsop Head was despatched and we were rewarded with a great single track descent to Burnside Cottage. A quick cafe stop in Dunsop Bridge, and off on the Justin loop to chipping with disappointingly shallow ford and good off road track to bring us to the final climb over Whitemore and a fast descent back to the safety of the trough road. 25 miles - 6 hours ie 4 mph average speed. Nobody got left behind, a little blood from the serial crasher, great weather, great views, great day out. Thanks to Mick Michael Birchall and Souper Mario for keeping me company.

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