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Saturday 17th November 2018

B2 Ride Hest Bank - David Hodgson
On a cold but sunny morning 7 riders headed off towards Lancaster. At Cockerham we picked up John Keohane and the 8 of us made our way through the streets of Lancaster and along the line cycle path. Although we had decided not to ride to Sunderland Point the lure of Karen’s jelly babies was hard to refuse. We were all pleasantly surprised by the state of the road and following a photo shoot at SP at a sign ‘beware of quick sand’ we decided a quick retreat to the cafe was the best thing to do. I must point out at this point we had a A rider with us Adam. Who for some strange and mad reason had no gloves. What Adam brought to the ride was the sudden bursts of speed that made us look like novices especially when he said he could go faster. Following a warm cafe stop we headed along the prom with John having a personal photo shoot with Eric Morecambe. We then gathered ourselves for the climb out of Slyne and lumpy ride over Quernmore. It was over Quernmore that tiredness kicked in as the peloton got stretched we regrouped waved at Bradley Wiggins and cycled into Scorton. Unfortunately riding up Gubberford we had our first and only mishap when Ian got a puncture. Notwithstanding this we made it. We all made it. Mr Chairman I set off with 8 and made it back to Garstang with 8 with the chants ringing out from Sarah and Karen ‘follow my leader follow my leader yes yes’. What a great ride 50m at an average pace of 13.7mph. Thanks for the great company and the crack along the way I salute my team of 7

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