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Saturday 17th November 2018

C Ride to Lytham - Michael Coleran
Maybe it was my offer to pay the bridge toll for everyone on the C Ride - maybe it was my promise of closed, traffic-free roads - or maybe it was the glorious Autumn weather. Whatever it was it brought out almost a fifth of the total club's membership to join me on this 43 mile round trip to Lytham. We enjoyed a wind-assisted first few miles to Cartford Bridge, having split into two groups and freeing me from my obligation to pay a budget-busting £3-80 in tolls (Phew, my advance group of eight was enough!) All met up at Lytham Hall cafe and it was great to be joined by Will, and Bob (whom we had not seen for some time), great to see Bob is getting over his recent health problems. The return was a breeze, mainly in our faces, but trouble free riding on quiet lanes was a pleasure. I ended up with just five in my group, not bad out of a total of 22 riders who joined and left the group at various stages. Most interesting though was getting home to find a photo on Faceache of our group riding past Booths on our way out this morning. It has got to be read to be believed (I've posted a link on this page but all comments are only viewable on 'Your Garstang' page). We have been called.....Morons, road rats, dicks, pricks, cocks, and Bradley Wankins wannabes. Of course we don't pay road tax, have insurance or MOTs, and we wear silly clothing, shout a lot and think we own the roads. I did respond in the most polite way of course but, as we know, we are wasting our time trying to educate the uneducatable. If you can, it is worth looking at it on Your Garstang. Happy days :-)

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