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Saturday 10th November 2018

A - Ride report - 10.11 - Scorton - Paul Balliie
This was a new addition to the club calendar and was very well attended, so we'll do it again in the near future.

10 riders left the cobbles and the plan was to ride steadily to Inglewhite & Broughton, before upping the pace towards Inskip and St Michael's.

All went to plan and the line of riders started started to get quicker and quicker, with each rider on the front for 30-60 seconds then peeling off and dropping to the back of the line.

Doing this keeps the pace high, but gives everyone chance to recover too. We worked well all the way to Inskip where a right turn towards Myerscough, followed by a left towards St Michael's saw the pace ramped up a but more, but we all stuck together well and were soon on the Rawcliffe Road towards Cartford bridge

After the right turn onto Lancaster Rd there was a small gap which resulted in there now being 2 groups hurtling along at over 25mph towards Skitham Lane where we turned right, towards Nateby. As we waited for the second group to arrive at Kilcrash Lane, one rider peeled off to get on with the rest of their day leaving 8 of us to ride the lap of the chaingang route.

The pace was fairly steady on this lap as everyone rode well together and the 10 miles flew by and we soon arrived at the Bellflower pub. A couple more peeled off on the lap so 5 of us then rolled up to Scorton for a brew at the barn. We were there by 11.55am after having ridden between 40 and 45 miles at an average speed of 19.9mph.

Look out for the next one!

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