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Saturday 10th November 2018

B1 Ride Report - RT -The 3 Towers - Peter Heyworth
4 brave souls set out from Abby Village on the this mystical off road tour of the South Pennie moors. It wasn’t long into the first tower that this roughed terrain took it’s first victim. Sue’s bike was beyond mechanical repair and so limped back to the parked car, has to be said that she did pick up 3 gold cups over 6 Starva segment.

Not disgorged by been a lass down and keeping to the RT code (If they fall just leave em) Justin , Chris and RC Pedro cracked on over Darwen Tower and down into Darwen.
A few roads and the odd sprinkling off road we were soon in Haslingden. Quick re inflation of the RC’s rear wheel before tackling an absolute cracking off road section over too Peel Tower, the track morphs from rubble goat track to flowing single track before Edgworth.

Hum, google was indicating a couple of very posh café stops, not the place for the crew of the last of the summer wine , so the only option was a quick pub stop. Apparently this was the first time Mario has been in a pub and drank Coffee!
Another quick inflation of the RC rear tyre (think it had been sabotaged at this stage) and good mixture of tarmac and dirt we were soon in Bromley Cross.
The last 10 miles was pretty much all off road, Rivington tower was the final tower before with finished following the valley through White Coppice

Justin did the whole route on his grit bike, I’ve no idea how. And Mario was outstanding on the boulder field decent down Rivington tower, I struggled walking down it. Pedro just provided the normal entertainment.

So a bit of an experiment, I’ve done some, but not much out that way before. Yes we had to do a bit off cross referencing with the OS maps on route and knowledge share between the troops and the route morphed to suit. Think there are some opportunities to remove some of the road sections. So it think with a bit more research, single track forums or local knowledge and this could be a real classic. Once Sue’s bike is sorted we will have to have another do at it!

Fantastic day out on the South Pennie moors 50m 5,500 ft and a respectable 10mph for fat tyres

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