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Saturday 13th January 2018

B2 Ride- Wrea Green - by David Hodgson
B2 Ride Report for Saturday 13th January 2018 – Wrea Green.

12 hardy souls left the cobbles on a cold and windy morning and headed North towards Cockerham.
We were joined by a new member Gary Mason (welcome Gary) who quickly settled into the group ride

. As we arrived at the Manor one of the riders Dave Corless who clearly didn’t know right from left thought we should be going North on the Hest Bank ride which is actually this Saturday – well he is 72 and counting.!

As we turned south at Pilling towards Great Eccleston we were faced by a stiff biting head wind which quickly decimated the pack. We regrouped at the Toll Bridge and thank goodness for once I didn’t have to find £2.40 to pay for them all otherwise it would have been no food for me at the café stop.

The ride from Great Eccleston to Wrea Green was rather uneventful until that is we reached the café stop.

Normally a café stop arrives and goes without too much excitement but not this café stop. Ribby Hall was hit by 11 cold cyclists and our own Don Jaun AKA ‘Dave Corless Casanova’ who decided to sit at a table with two ladies (who were on their own and vulnerable) and spent the whole of the time chatting them up – even getting a kiss before he left.!

Whilst all this was going on I could hear rumblings of mutiny from the ranks as the café had stopped serving breakfast. " What? NO BACON BARMS? "said Luke " this is disgraceful – sack the RC’!

I was sat on a separate table with Shane (top management of course) and treated the comments with contempt and threatened to have Luke flogged – he just wouldn’t let it go....

Eventually I quashed the mutiny and we prised our Casanova away from the ladies and whilst we were getting dressed for the cold ride back they decided to leave the warmth of the café to cheer us on with Dave getting the loudest cheer.

The route took us back through Kirkham and towards Woodplumpton. At Inskip Steve left us and headed home and the remaining 11 arrived back safely (a first).
The ride was 42miles at an average pace of 14mph. It was cold but the café stop made the ride worthwhile.

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