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Saturday 6th January 2018

B2 Ride to Knott End by Steve Hopkinson
The recent wet weather was forgotten as twelve rides left the Cobbles with beautiful sunny pale blue skies, heading for Knott End on Sea. The route took us through Scorton, then along Long Lane and left on Chipping Road. Most of the group were well ahead by this time, but the back markers were accosted by a loose border collie. Thankfully we all managed to get past without either falling off or hitting the dog. Some dog owners are totally irresponsible.
Once we’d caught up with the main group, I found we’d lost four riders who I believe had decided to cycle to Arnside instead. Down to eight, we wound our way past Bay Horse to Cockerham, where we were treated to the magnificent sight of an enormous flock of geese, all in V-formation heading east.
Turning left onto the A588 towards Pilling, we barrelled along at over 20 mph on a very flat section, and again there was a small group off the front, that missed the right turn into Pilling. They eventually realised we weren’t following and turned back to re-join the main group. Whilst we were waiting I spotted a little egret being mobbed by a group of gulls. With the group reassembled we pressed on to the café stop, via the intriguingly-named Dyke Head Lane and Green Dick’s Lane (I’ll leave you to make your own jokes up).
We were early to arrive at the fairly quiet café, and were served promptly with the usual beans-on-toast and sausage and bacon barms. Suitably refreshed, we headed south through Preesall and Hambleton to cross the Wyre at Cartford Bridge, where Dave H and Luke left us to take a more direct route to Garstang (saved me 40p anyway!)
We appeared to lose Dave C at Gt Eccleston, but although we waited and even sent someone back to look for him, there was no sign, so we continued the ride via Elswick to Broughton, ignoring the Road Closed sign on Newsham Hall Lane, where they are resurfacing the whole length – not before time, I might add.
We then continued on the usual route back to Garstang via Inglewhite and Lidiate Lane. We reached Garstang with only three riders out of the original twelve. One of these days, I’ll lead a ride where we finish with the same number as we started.
All in all a great ride of 53 miles at an average speed of 13.2 mph and a miserly 1600 feet climbed. Great company and great weather.

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