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Saturday 13th January 2018

C Group conqueur The Guild Wheel !- By Frank Jones
“C” ride Sat. Jan. 13th 2018 - the ride I was supposed to be leading!

A cold grey Saturday and a surprisingly large number of bodies present at the cobbles. The call went up for the “B”s departure and a lonely 4 C’s were left standing in the cold!

After a few minutes waiting for someone else on a bike to join us I decided that we should set off - feeling confident in my ability to count up to 3 and keep tabs on all my charges!
Being a cold day we struggled to get the rhythm going so made slow progress to Inglewhite, where we found Tamsin & Sue cooling their heels waiting for us. Still confident I could control things - off we went again! The pace started to increase and we began to spread out with me keeping everyone in sight - albeit form the back of the pack due to my lack of fitness after a good few weeks out of the saddle!

Arriving in Broughton we found 8 more eager participants awaiting our arrival! Now I began to panic, 14 heads to count!

I led off and for a short time took the lead but the traffic lights to D’urton Lane allowed everyone to catch up and eventually leave me in their wake. From there on I resigned to ensure no one got left behind by mopping up from the back!

We had a muddy descent of the steps at Brockholes but otherwise a fairly uneventful ride to the Marina Cafe - four of us arriving some while after the main group. The numbers increased by one as Robert (Bob) was there waiting for us.

Eventually we all went back into a colder greyer day and proceeded with the ride, with me again leading from the back!

From there on the numbers started to dwindle as people left to take various paths to their homes, eventually getting down to 4 again to make the last 10 miles back to Garstang, although not quite the same 4 that set off from there.

Thanks everyone for behaving and making my job easy and not leaving me too far behind!

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