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Saturday 4th November 2017

B1 Ride to Galgate by Dave Brook
A good turn out this week for the B1s, with Phil, Keith, Steve, Peter, Chris, Andrew and myself setting off from the cobbles on a fresh but fine morning. Resisting an attempted immediate route change by the Chairman, we meandered our way past a huge C group, briefly stopped at the Heyworth Homestead for water and onto to the base of first hill. Jubilee was despatched with ease by the whole group, and so for our weekly education update for the elderly at the summit car park. This weeks subject; “gulling”. Thanks Pete. The descent of Jubilee was without high speed crashes or failing brake pads and then up “Alpe Duez” where Pete made his excuses to go and play with his sheep. By now the sun was out as we descended to Brookhouse, and our third delight; Littledale the hard way, where Steve and Andrew fought it out for victory. Swiftly down to Stockabank where the signage caused minor protest. However the hill was much easier than advertised. And so onto Galgate via my favourite - Dog Hill where the not so friendly alsation provided close-up vocal support. Thankfully today the gate was locked. Our feelings of escaping death were short lived as somehow we became targets for the local grouse shoot. With screams of “man down” and “I’ve been winged” we survived for a protracted discussion around cafe venues. To placate a fuming Keith I decided to try the one at the end of the Lancaster cycle way. And a very good choice it turned out. Warm, good food and very reasonable. Filled with multiple coffees and full English, we struggled up to Thurnham Lodge, then followed by a full beans thrash to Pilling. A quick meander around Pilling and Scronkey, and then Chris produced his customary hell for leather turn on the front to take us back to Garstang. A great day out. Good weather, good craic and a few hills.
Operator error with Garmin, but about 60 miles and a few feet of climbing.

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