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Saturday 4th November 2017

B2 Ride to Galgate by Luke van Lincoln
Today's B2 ride was most definitely a chilly one. 6 of us left the cobbles around 9.40 with a general air of "do we have to?" We had arranged to meet Miriam on Long Lane near Scorton a few miles in to the ride— an arrangement which almost led the recently named Sarah Jane to start climbing the wrong hill, as it turns out there are two Long Lanes near Scorton and Miriam was waiting on the other one.

Shortly before (or after) meeting Miriam, Simon caught up with us having cycled in from Preston. We pedalled along Trough Road towards Marshaw, enjoying the scenery in cool, intermittent Autumn sunshine and, personally, cursing the fact that I'd barely ridden at all in October and my legs were struggling up the hills. Today's ride coordinator led very much like a First World War general: some distance behind the front line.

As we approached Jubilee Tower, Morecambe Bay and the Furness Fells put on an impressive display. Nobly, I allowed my advance party ample time to admire the views and to get their breath back. We plummeted towards Quernmore, noticing as we did that it really was very cold and shortly after the Witches' Hat climb accepted Bill's suggestion that we find the café at the animal sanctuary. There was some discussion over the best route to the animal sanctuary. There was also discussion over which animal sanctuary we wanted. And there were reminders that we wanted the animal sanctuary that served animals in sliced and tubular form between slices of bread.
Ian had an urgent appointment with a mountain bike to attend to. Either due to Sarah Jane being too slow, too clumsy or too beloved, she was not invited. We bade farewell to Ian and headed towards Galgate.

At the university, there was mutiny in the ranks. Miriam proposed we head towards Galgate in one direction. Bill made a counter proposition. The ride coordinator, knowing that Miriam lives nearby, works at the university and had cycled the very same route just a few hours earlier, deferred to her local knowledge. Sturdy lieutenant Simon deferred to the ride coordinator. Everyone else followed Bill.

The now rather smaller official B2 ride arrived at Galgate, hung around for several minutes thinking that Bill's Rebels must logically arrive at some time soon, then decided that it really wasn't warm enough for hanging around. Strava Flyby demonstrates that the Rebels turned up some time later, having pottered around the university campus, by which time the official group was well on the way to Conder Green.

Simon now headed to Morecambe, guided by Miriam who was headed home. This left the B2 ride coordinator with a total of no other members to his group. Now feeling quite sure that I should have put the winter jersey on under the thermal jacket, I headed straight back to Garstang and completed 40 miles at slightly less than the standard average of 12 mph.

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