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Saturday 21st October 2017

C Ride to Stock a Bank by Will Molyneux
With storm Brian on the way I wasn't expecting many on the cobbles and indeed only Stuart and Tamsin of the regulars were up for this one. There were 5 B riders there who seemed to be in a fragmented state. Three of the B's defected to our ride; Simon, Dave and Bill who had recently returned from Portugal following his latest crash out there.
Then Pip rolled up with Alan from Thurnham returning after an 18 month layoff. Then a phone call from the Taylors " please pick us up on Stoney Lane" and we were 10.
Brian was gaining strength from behind and we made a brisk pace out to Quernmoor. Malcolm appeared at Proctor Moss and crossed our route, making his own way to the cafe stop.
At the Littledale turn a headwind set in - just lucky this section mostly downhill, taking us to the foot of the Cat 1 Stock-a-Bank climb.
I was the the only one to take the longer but less steep bypass route. My excuse: a rear wheel with 2 broken spokes and buckled badly enough to make me feel queezy. Windy and with a threat of rain for the run in from the top of the bank to the cafe.
All 10 and Malcolm made the cafe but then a cruel turn of events - Pip called away to support a family activity without so much as a cup of tea.
Cafe was cosy and well staffed with friendly volunteers and we were quickly served. I ordered corned beef hash with beans and got meat and potato pie with peas but it was substantial and tasty.
For the return, Stuart and Malcolm made off to do do their own thing. More of a headwind for the ride back but the rain kept off and an enjoyable, bracing day was had by all.

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