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Saturday 14th October 2017

B2 Ride to Kirkby Lonsdale by Phil Durrigan
An elite group of three made up the rather bijou B2 peleton, being myself, Martin Stringfellow and the long overdue return to the fold of perennial whipper-in Dave Corless (not much work for him today). We took the Cockerham road to Forton and via "Happy" and Lune Valleys to Hornby with only two (rear) punctures (me!) on the way. The sky was grey but the breeze light as we climbed out of Gressingham to Arkholme and via Whittington to our brew stop at Kirkby Lonsdale. Dave made sure none of the cafe's clientele was excluded from the conversation while Martin fussed over every dog within stroking distance.
The return journey was a different matter as we battled a head wind out to Burton-in-Kendal and via The Kelletts to Crook of Lune. From Caton to Postern Gate where there were some missgivings in the ranks as to the wisdom of more head wind up the top road so a decision was taken to return via Happy Valley to Five Lane Ends. Martin left for home at Street leaving Dave and me to cruise back via Scorton to base - what could go wrong? Well, arriving in a busy Scorton Square a young lady appeared to think that her route from The Priory car park to Station Road had right of way over the through traffic! While I was wondering how I could possibly avoid her, demon, one-handed braker Dave shot through the tiny gap giving a whole new meaning to "rubbing shoulders with..." No harm done and we continued on our way to complete a very pleasant, undulating, greyish, breezy autumnal 59 mile ride.

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