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Saturday 14th October 2017

B1 Ride to Kirkby Lonsdale by Peter Heyworth
B1 RC Report Kirkby Longridge via Dent. Still not managed a clean sheet as RC...starting to get a reputation.

Dispit the forecast 3 hardy lads rolled of the cobbles Dave Brooks and Chris. A gentleman's agreement was soon struck that we should take it easy on the outwards legs as the return was into a strong westerly.

I had started to think with such a strong field that I would at last finish a ride with same number of riders as when we started and they return of in the same condition as the left.
Well we didn't even make Caton before Dave got caught one handed in a cross wind before performing a forward roll over the bars. Typical mountain biker just jumped back on the bike and cracked on as tough as old boots that lad.

The Kingsdale climb was interesting in low cloud although the descent was a real white knuckle ride, in zero viability, very step wet roads and a few gates thrown in to keep you on your toes.
Up over Barbondale into a Westley into Kirkby longsdale (50 m) for a quick brew and I think Dave welcomed the sympathy from the old dears, obviously had none from us.

The head wind back knocked the steam out of the legs, think we all had our fill by the end. Kudos to the lads tough ride, hero of the day goes to Dave.

75 miles
5,500 ft climbing
14 mph
Lost rider - none
Injuries - 1

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