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Saturday 30th September 2017

C Ride to Downham by Stuart Murray
Although several regular wheelpersons were absent and the unpromising weather 11 eager partakers assembled at Ribchester. Those of us who had opted to ride to our venue point were thoroughly wet and cold but very soon we were warming up as we sped our way out of Ribchester. Our route took us over the river and heading East through Dinckley and out to Old Langho which led us over the A59 to Billington. From there it was an easy down hill run into Whalley.
Chat and Banter (they are not two new members!) was ever present and riding partners seamlessly changed as we made our way along very quiet lanes through Wiswell and Pendleton. For me there was some catching up to do as I’d missed a couple of weeks. After crossing the A59 a couple of times we progressed through Worston taking the back lane into Downham. Downham, is of course, very popular with tourists but it wasn’t very obvious why the constabulary had 4/5 vehicles parked outside the Assheton Arms. Maybe the local bobbies were already spending there 1% payrises.!
Our café stop proved to be very popular with plenty of other customers, nevertheless we were all served in reasonable time and the food and warmth of the place was very welcome.
Our return leg back was via Chatburn, Grindleton and Waddington where a short committee style decision was made to go back past Bashall Barn. This lane proved to have a field “full” of sunflowers and could have almost have made a Lancashire version of a ToF vista especially with the C riders hurtling past at almost 13mph!
Malcolm (good to see you back in the saddle M) took the lead to sort out the most direct route via Hurst Green and down Gallows Lane back to our starting point. Thanks to all who took part and I hope you enjoyed the spin out as much as I did. See you all, and others next time.

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