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Saturday 30th September 2017

B2 Ride to Clitheroe by Shane Blackmore
Route 27 Longridge
Average speed 13.3Mph
Just over 3000ft of climbing.

Leaving the cobbles with a group of nine we made a short diversion via Pete Hardman's House to drop a card of get well soon Pete.

We then rejoined the planned route heading south easterly to Whitechapel continuing to Longridge.
Phil Morgan still recovering from his trip to Albania offered to ride at a slower pace with one of the regular C riders Will, while the rest of us continued at our normal B2 pace.
Will decided that he would leave the ride and head back to Garstang due to the pace
Shortly after Longridge we started the climb up Jeffery Hill.
We regrouped at the New Drop Inn at which point we had our first mechanical of the day Steve Hopkinson decided to head back due to a hub issue on his back wheel just prior to setting off again Phil had managed to catch up with us.

Eight of us continued along Old Clitheroe Road and descended Birdy Brow we had to wait a short time before Phil and Ian Gibson arrived due to another mechanical Phil’s crank had come lose unfortunately none of us had the correct sized allen key to tighten it up fully. Phil was going to make his way back to Garstang when I suggested we stop in Clitheroe as it was a little closer.
We decided on the Green Jersey as this would combine the cafe stop while Phil’s bike was repaired. As we headed through Waddington the B1’s where just stopping at their cafe stop a quick stop to see if anyone had a tool to fit the crank still no luck, we continued onto the Green Jersey for a refuel and bike repair.
During the café stop we discussed the route and decided that we would stick to the planned route going up Stonyhurst.
Leaving the cafe the B1’s appeared again Martin Oglesby decided that he would join the B2’s for the return leg. We headed to Pendleton then onto Great Mitton via Nethertown and Little Mitton.
While we regrouped Ken had the third mechanical of the day a jammed chain which was sorted quickly although Ken Roberts was now cover in oil. At this point the group had a change of heart regarding the Stoneyhurst climb and opted for returning to Longridge via Hurst Green.
Once we arrived at Hurst Green Sarah Jane suggested going through the college grounds so the group split. Phil not been at his best opted for the Longridge road route myself and Martin made the decision that we would join Phil while Andrew Darnell,Lesley Darnell Ian Gibson Sarah Jane and Ken went via the college.
Leaving Longridge for the second time of the day we headed back to Inglewhite and made our way back to Garstang Martin left myself and Phil on Lydiate lane to collect his car Phil then headed of along Smithy lane and I managed to arrive back in Garstang with no riders which is a first for me.

All in all a good ride with great company.

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