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Saturday 16th September 2017

B2 Ride to Slaidburn by Shane Blackmore
Garstang CC B2 Ride Report Route 24 Slaidburn 16/09/2017
12 Riders
Climbing 4387ft
Average pace 13.4 mph

Twelve of us left the cobbles and headed out of Garstang which did not start well as I took a wrong turn of one of the roundabouts a quick U turn and we were back on track heading to Scorton and onto Quernmore were we stopped at the crossroads to regroup.
We then headed to Caton and John Keohane left us as he had decided he was not up to climbing the Cross of Greet. We continued on to Wray and had a short break at the post office for a quick brew before we started the climbing.
We regrouped after the climb out of Wray and started the climb to Mill Houses as we started up Lythe Fell Road we had our first Mechanical of the day Keith Oglesby had snapped his chain which was quickly fixed Simon Thompson had the first of his to incidents when setting off again he had decided to go down the hill a little way so that he could get clipped in unfortunately when turning he got caught up on his mudguard and could not unclip in time. We then continued with the final push to the top.
Luke Van Lincoln then hit the front on the descent maybe after Phil Durrigan’s Demon descender title, into Slaidburn. Unfortunately newbie Simon Stenning had a puncture on the decent which caused him to crash no serious injuries thankfully. Thanks to David Hodgson and Keith Oglesby for helping him out and get going again.
Regrouping once again at the Cafe stop for well-earned refreshments. Leaving the Cafe Simon Thompson had clipping in issues again and another fall.
Leaving Slaidburn heading to Newton we had the climb out with cafe legs which made it a little tougher and onto Dunsop Bridge.
Keith Oglesby left us at Whitewell as he wanted to do a little more climbing, the rest of us continued onto to Chipping at which point Simon Thompson left us and headed for home.
Once leaving Chipping we headed for White Chapel unfortunately Luke did not see us waiting for him at the junction apologies Luke Steve Hopkinson did come after you and continued onto Inglewhite going off the flyby on Strava.

Meeting Steve at the Inglewhite Junction we continued on to Garstang.

All in all it was a tough ride made easier by the company and good weather.

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