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Saturday 25th March 2017

B1 Ride to Waddington By Sarah Jane Gibson
Was it fear of Jeffrey that caused the nominated RC to pull out at the 11th hour? Given the fantastic day ( warm , sunshine , little wind ) it was surprising that only 5 B1 riders left the cobbles heading for Longridge Fell . Unfortunately, the burden of leadership fell on my shoulders as I had some resemblance of a course on my Garmin - although I am not entirely certain it was the right one ! The route indicated straight through Inglewhite then right turn to Little Town . Ignoring the evil garmin ,which was trying to lead us towards two of Jeffrey's hard faces , we made a right , towards Longridge , and up the kinder face of Jeff. Here we passed the B2s , who had either taken a sneaky short cut or my Garmin had lead us astray. Steady climbing , followed by short steep pulls before the technical descent of Birdy Brow . Straightforward run past Bashal Barn to Waddington , where we were rewarded with generous slices of delicious cake .
The return home was via Chatburn , clitheroe , Whaley and Mitton . A few minor deviations en route as Mr Evil directed us towards Pendle Hill , and then around the back streets of Clitheroe . Temporarily back on course , there was insubordination in the ranks as the 3 remaining chaps headed back onto Longridge Fell whereas I followed the untrustworthy garmin and took a left through the grounds of Stoneyhurst . Following my nose - otherwise known as the main road back to Longridge , I was soon on familiar turf and made it safely home .
Roughly 60+ miles , approximately 15 mph , 4500 ish ascent . Perfect weather .

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