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Saturday 25th March 2017

B2 Ride to Waddington by Dave Hodgson
5 B2 riders left the cobbles in glorious sunshine, yes, sunshine. The group included Ian G, Dave C, Chloe, Miriam and Myself.

We made quick work of getting to the foot of Jeffrey Hill and contrary to the B1 report we followed the official route (there was no deviation).

As we made the climb up to the top we took in the vista in glorious sunshine - what a great day to be out on the bike. After negotiating the Birdy Brow descent we eventually arrived at the cafe were the B1 were already tucking into cake. We sat outside (yes sat outside) taking in the rays as we enjoyed a well earned lunch following the morning climbs.

Ian and Miriam left us at this point and despite a slightly wrong turn the remaining 3 headed off to Clitheroe and on to Whalley.

We stopped at the Three Fishes in Milton and both Chloe and Dave asked if the kind RC would choose a more gentle route back rather than tackling Jeff for the second time and I quickly agreed as we travelled on the more gentle slopes via Bashall Eaves and Cow Ark to Chipping. The quiet roads from Chipping to Garstang were most enjoyable as we all commented on how lucky we are to live in Gods country and are able to get out on our bikes and enjoy our countryside.

We arrived back safely 53miles and nearly 4000ft of climbing. There was no insubordination from the B2 today. Another great day with the club with great company topped off with amazing scenery and sunshine

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