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Saturday 11th March 2017

B1/B2 Ride to Chipping by Dave Hodgson
14 B1 and B2 riders left the cobbles together and headed off towards the Trough. (the B1's were rudderless today with no ride coordinator to keep them under control).

We stopped at the Kenlis and a decision was quickly made to try and split the large group. 4 B1 riders stepped forward to form one of the groups, admirably joined by Shane (brave man) a natural B2 rider.

The 5 riders then set off leaving 9 natural B2 riders left. At this stage I must mention the two newbies mother and daughter Chris and Lauren who joined us for the first time.

It was a crisp spring day with no sign of rain which is a different experience for my rides. Anyway, the group at a steady pace made its way through Scorton towards Marshaw.

Climbing up Long Lane Shane came past us going in the opposite direction (apparently he had a problem with his gears slipping and decided better to get back than have a full mechanical failure in the Trough)

As we approached the main climb of the day over the Trough the two newbies shot off up the climb leaving us all behind. They could have had a brew at the top before the remaining 7 joined them. Once at the top we continued on route to the cafe stop at little town dairy were we met the remaining 4 B1 riders. Before the cafe Dave C and Martin O left us - we were now down to 7.

During lunch a decision was made to add a bit extra onto the ride with some flat roads to increase the mileage for the day.

Chloe, Gwen and Ken decided to head off on the quiet lanes back to Garstang rather than do the extra miles.

That left Chris, Lauren, Steve H and myself to head off towards Woodplumton via Goosnargh and back home through Bilsborrow.

50 miles in total at an average of 14mph with no rain (result)

Many thanks for a great ride with great company. Trust you all got back safely.

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