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Saturday 25th February 2017

C Ride to Glasson by Miriam Sturdee
C (+) Group Ride Report - 25th February: Despite me desperately hoping nobody would turn up this morning so I could go back to bed, the indomitable Pip was waiting on the cobbles representing the Cs. The windy weather didn't manage to deter Cherry Scone or David Hodgson either, despite its best efforts, but decisions were made to alter routes and groupings. Thus we had the inaugural (?) ABC ride as Paul Whaley had popped along as an A6 chaperone on the way out, and Phil Morgan was saving his legs for the Coal Road tomorrow. Stalwart B2s Phil Durrigan and Luke Van Lincoln also chose the nice option so we set off for Glasson with a fire in our hearts and biting rain blown into our exposed faces. Pip decided early on that swimming was a better idea than cycling and we bid adieu. Paul waited until I had bought him a huge cooked breakfast at Lantern O'er Lune, before sneaking off home, and the rest of us faced everything the skies had to throw at us. Phil M went home (possibly to prepare photos) shortly before we got to Garstang, as did Phil D, so it was up to Luke and I to finish the loop. I decided then that I hadn't had quite enough and started the ride again before heading home to Lancaster. Phew.

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