Ride Reports

Saturday 11th February 2017

B1 Ride to Whalley by Steve Kelly
6 of us set out in chilly weather heading for Chipping by the usual routes. We hung a left towards the Wild Boar Park for a change but got back on track for Cow Ark and Waddington only to miss the turn for Great Mitton. This sent us round two sides of a triangle but, hey, it's all good mileage. We soon dropped in to Whalley and made our way to the Autisan café, soon to be joined by the B2 group. Keith O had just locked up his bike as we got there, having missed us en route. Heading back towards Ribchester we opted for Gallows Lane and Huntingdon to get us up to the New Drop and, not having had quite enough climbing, continued to the top of Jeffrey (Keith O posted his photo to prove it!).
Rather than drop in to Longridge we headed down Four Acre Lane, aiming to take Back Lane home. Chris suffered a puncture near Little Town Dairy however and some opted for a coffee break while he mended it. Some skipped the coffee and headed back while the remainder followed on afterwards. Big up to Cherry Scone for taking the lead all the way back to Garstang, providing an armchair ride for the men in her wake. Much appreciated and earning some wheel sucking brownie points for future use.

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