Suffolk Byways Audax (by Malcolm Hartley)

Run from Blaxhall village hall, North East of Ipswich, the route first went out to the coast at Aldeburgh then up to Thorpeness and the first manned control at Dunwich. By this time the early morning mist had burnt off and we were left with blue skies and a slightly chilly but still clear day ideal for cycling. Breakfast at the beach café was a welcome option before turning inland to loop through the lanes to the North and turn South to the second control at Framlingham. Minimal stopping time here and at the next control so as to catch up after the too leisurely breakfast stop; I knew that the last section through the villages to the North of Ipswich and the edge of Woodbridge would be the trickiest navigation so wanted to tag onto the main groups. This worked and I found some Suffolk Wheelers jerseys to follow, which saved a lot of checking off junctions from the detailed instructions provided. The roads had been generally dry and clear but the run-in provided one obstacle in a quite deep and very muddy flood.

Malcolm at the beach control at Dunwich

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