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Saturday 31st July 2021

A Ride - "Just call me Tom Pidcock" - Phil M on Walmsley Bridge Road - Sue Taylor
I rudely hijacked the planned GGC A park and ride this week (have a bit of an issue with sitting in a car when I could be cycling at the moment!) and suggested a 'local' ride for local people based on the Nectar cafe at the 'Be A Garden Maker' garden center near Wigglesworth.
Myself, Ian, Rick, Mick, Keith and Phil set off down the A6 and negotiated the closed Walmsley Bridge Road. It's amazing how nature takes over with the hedgerows starting to encroach on the tarmac now.
Keith soon had to turn back for home as his cleat broke. He promised to rejoin us later, if he could find us. We are both happy owners of shiny new Wahoo Roams and I wished later I'd looked up how to use the Live Track sooner.
Phil left us at Chaigley in favour of some afternoon BBQ socialization (slightly out of character IMO) so 4 of us bravely battled on through the light drizzle through Chatburn, Rimmington and Gisburn.
We found the Nectar cafe which is a quiet, bright, relaxing environment with space to leave bikes in view. Part-time vegetarian Mick managed to 'accidentally' order a full breakfast which to his surprise contained sausages and bacon! No beans on toast (BoT) on the menu but they might do it if asked. Or we could start a petition.
Imagine our delight when Keith turned up after a swift shoe-change, completing the quintet for the return journey through Long Gill, Tosside, Slaidburn, Newton and back over the Trough, partway up Jubilee and back down Plantation Road through Dolphinholme.
Great to be out with everyone. Missing Steve who would have enjoyed this ride.

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