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Saturday 31st July 2021

B1 31st July Ride Report – Catforth. Keith Norris (RC), - Paul Armitage
Ian (nicest bloke from Nelson), Steve Danson, The Beast Shane, Sim, Trevor, Jane, Martin, Chris Berry, Karen and me, Paul.
Awesome yet attritional. Overcast but with fresh clean air to breath, Keith led us off at TT pace to the Kenlis Arms where puffing and panting we agreed to split into two groups. A fast group and a so called slow group, which rather too quickly became the leading group until Stevie D got those calves working and dragged us (the fast pack) back to the front. Sim, I’ll stay back and nurse my knee, couldn’t resist the challenge of the climb up the side of Harrisend Fell and on to the reservoir. Bad knee my a***. Not long after that we were greeted by the most wonderful cooling showers as we descended delph lane – stopping at the T junction to express our delights of such a well-received summer watering. From there a series of meandering lanes that tested the authors orientation skills if no one else’s. Somehow we ended up around Fulwood, N Preston and the first of the peelers – with Stevie D leaving the bunch for I suspect a warm bath, tea and cake. Onto Roots for lunch, split onto two tables at lunch which I always feel is unfortunate – but hey – so can only comment that on our table Shane, Ian and I set about trying to convince Chris and Karen to get on Zwift. Karen feigned interest for around 2 mins and 33 seconds before electing to move across to the other table. Chris then trapped took a pummelling and is now an expert on Zwift and has never been on it. Fed and water we were off and not long after we had more peelers first Karen and then Trevor – better things to do? The rest of us battled on and then came the event of the day – Sim led a sprint finish (for him and Chris at least) into Pilling – seriously dead legs after that. Sim and Chris peeled off. Those of you keeping up will know this left the Hardy bunch - our RC, Jane, Martin, Ian, Shane and myself. Inspired by Sims antics, Shane and Ian though it fun to lead a chain-gang from Pilling to Glasson. This split us into two groups for while – but re-grouped through Glasson to Galgate, where Martin then decided to pick up the pace for his and Jane’s last leg to Dolphinholme – just when the legs were needing a rest. Jane and Martin peeled just after the Fleece, then the Keith who had done a great RC job peeled at Scorton, and Ian peeled at Gubberford Bridge. Leaving the two goat herders alone with the never a drag with Shane up the A6 to Lancaster and then I peeled by the University leaving The Beast to finished is 170Km ride back to Heysham on his own.
Attritional but awesome.

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