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Saturday 10th July 2021

B1 ride report - Ian Pickles
I was instructed by all riders to produce this ride report in penance for cycling down a lovely long sweeping decent towards Ingleton only to find I was on my own and off piste. I was dreaming of scones at the time. Read on to find out why. Having a lengthy ride back to meet my patient cycling buddies they then enjoyed, taking the piste.
Steve, Karen, Jane, Martin and Trevor were the core cyclists.
Chris (Tigger) left us at Caton, stating that he had a busy weekend with a run Sunday morning and the football in the evening!
So having cycled north to Caton we headed east through Wray and turned south into hilly yet quiet lanes. A most marvellous part of the Trough. Passing through Clapham we met up with Alan Bennett who invited us in for scones and a cosy chat. However we declined on the grounds that some of our party were maskless.
Making our way towards Ingleton, this is where I made my faux pas. Still salivating over Alan’s missed scones we turned left into yet more quiet lanes before reaching our goal of the Ireby Green Cafe.
No beans on toast available so we had to make do with the usual bacon/sausage/egg baps and hot beverages.
We batted on towards Halton and made good use of the Lune Cycle Track.
On reaching the Patten Arms (thanks Trevor) we sipped our chosen cold ones, discussed the marvellous pace set by Karen, the route, hills, lanes, the piste taking and the lost chance to check out Alan Bennett’s wallpaper.
With rosey glows we went our separate ways. Steve and I stopping south on the A6 to don our rain capes prior to getting piste wet through.
It was a marvellous ride. On a par with Jontti and Ken’s ride up Great Dunn Fell. And that was fab.

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