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Saturday 10th July 2021

B2 ride report - Chris Jones
It's short but that's all you're getting, I'm knackered ??
Good company, good route mostly, we seemed to climb every hill in Lancashire and it didn't really need to go into Blackburn??
Weather looked pretty threatening to start with but we only got caught in 1 shower approaching Longridge then it was warm sunshine.
Usually it's on the way home that people started peeling off but we'd lost 4 before we got to the cafe, we started with 10. Simon left us before we'd even got out of Garstang (to tired for hills apparently), Big Ring Dave had gone before Longridge and Feroz left us in Longridge, they didn't like the rain but typically the sun came out shortly after and then Vince left us near Hoghton Bottoms to make his way home.
The remaining 6 of us, myself, Martin, Ste, Roy, Ian and Phil made our way to Whalley Abbey for a much deserved coffee etc although we thought it a little strange that the route went into Blackburn and even a stretch of the bypass before Whalley but otherwise it was great to ride on unfamiliar roads for a change although who knew there was so many stabby barstard hills around Blackburn ??
All in all though a good day out, thanks for coming everyone ????

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