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Saturday 19th June 2021

B1 ride report - Steve Danson
B1 Ride report. I can honestly say that I absolutely loved my 'try before you buy' debut with the B1's today. There were 5 of us.. Phil Morgan, Shane Blackmore, Karen Sienkiewicz, and Chris Berry. We set off at a fair clip and there were one or two comments about the pace being a bit quick but that didn't seem to deter whoever was in front maintaining the high pace (or even increasing it (Phil).
We eventually arrived at Fuzzy Ducks (I think it's called) in Wrae Green. It was a much less stressful affair today compared to the last time I was there. Last time there was a perfect storm of a great GCC turnout and multiple groups arriving at the same time. The owner nearly lost his shit and was seen quivering behind the fridges. This time we had a leisurely (and quite posh) meal before setting off on our way again.
"We'll take it a bit steadier" they said. They didn't! We were practicing Chainy-ing and had some success. We all had a turn at the front anyway.
We finished up at the Bellflower for a drink after first sitting at the Tithebarn for 10 minutes without service. (very busy).
Looking forward to next week. Thanks for today I was made to feel very welcome

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