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Saturday 5th June 2021

Good turn out today with 11 riders must have been the great weather forecast. Steve Danson was without his normal cycling buddy Vinnie George who intriguingly was on an assignment, when we asked he said he could tell us but if he did he would have to shoot us...... full list was; me, Keith, Jane, Steve, Ian (Pickles), Chris, Ste, Richard, Dave (76), Ian (McGrath) and Simon.
We split into two groups, first group led by me and second group led by Chris Jones. Rather than keep two separate groups we agreed to meet up at regular intervals. At the first stop after Butt Hill Ian Pickles produced a battered banana and the conversation turned to what is the best way to unzip a banana, from the stalk end or the end with the black bit? Answers by comments below please!
Second stop was Chipping, third stop was the turn for Cow Ark where after a long wait we feared a mechanical failure had delayed Chris, Dave (76), and Ian, luckily they had been talking so much they had only missed a turn and taken a short detour. As we set off Jane had a chain problem as it came off the front ring, there were amazed looks as we completed a recovery with no oily fingers. TOP TIP if it comes off between the little ring and the frame and is not jammed you can recover it by moving the front mech to the big ring position and rotating the crank forwards. The big ring usually picks up the chain without any fuss or swearwords needed. It worked for Jane and Ian said that tip alone was worth the membership fee.
We took the route down Rabbit Lane, Keith Norris had chosen his gravel bike especially for this segment, it was not that bad and apart from having to wait for two horse riders to find a field and allow us to pass we reached the main road into Waddington without incident. We were soon crossing the bridge over the river Hodder and the start of the climb up Longridge fell. The climb was harder than I remembered but when I checked back to the only other time I have done this climb I was over a minute quicker! This proves the theory that cycling does not get easier you just get quicker. I nominate Jane 'Strongfellow' Queen of the Mountain as she easily passed me with her 28 cassette.
We regrouped at the top of the climb ready to enjoy the undulating ride across the fell and down to LTD for the cafe stop. The enjoyment was spoilt as the road surface is getting worse and we all wished we had chosen a gravel bike for this section, Keith was smiling all the way.
LTD did not disappoint with great service as usual, although we tried to make it difficult by changing tables and Simon Ashby was so eager for his sausage roll he took the first one that came and missed out on his normal pork and apple one. He comes here so often they have his order ready as he passes the cattle grid!
Lovely ride back from LTD to Garstang following Chris's recommendation to head down Scotch Green Lane for a quiet road with better surface and he was right. My bike struggled to make the right turn turn into Lydiate lane and after a good natter I left the group in Chris's capable hands and headed back to Barton. Great ride, great weather, great company, thanks everyone it was a pleasure

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