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Saturday 5th June 2021

A ride report - A Ton of Coal - Simon Thompson
The A ride set off at 9.05am, having waited the obligatory 5 minutes for a late rider, in this case Mr Whaley. A slight deviation from the route was taken to try to pick him up, my main worry being that he had deviated from his normal route to intercept us! Anyway, we found him. So then there were seven. Mick, Dave, Keith, Sue, Paul B, Paul W and me. A quick pace was set as we headed out to Caton, through Gressingham and onto Kirby Lonsdale, enjoying the quiet lanes and banter, as well as an unpleasant encounter with a complete bell end of a motorclist who tried to put a few of us in hospital. He failed. The ride swept up Barbondale and into Dent where thoughts turned to the Coal road. A big hill. I am told that Paul B got up it first, but I wouldn’t know as my climbing legs had decided to take the day off today so I was happy to bring up the rear. A quick dash to Sedbergh preceded lunch. All fed and watered, we headed for the seaside. A couple of deviations and minor route mishaps were dealt with and we found ourselves enjoying spectacular views of Morecambe Bay and the hills beyond. A quick pit stop in Arnside for water and snacks, then up the hill to Silverdale, through the Kellets and back to Garstang via Cockerham. Strong riding from everyone, sharing the load to maintain a good pace, close gaps and stay together. Particular thanks to Paul B for setting a good pace upfront and doing more than his share with his nose into the wind. A sunny day out in fantastic scenery. Ride stats vary but something in the region of 103 miles, 7500 ft of climbing and an average speed of 16.5mph. Fantastic day on the bike with a great crew. Thanks everyone.

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