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Saturday 17th April 2021

B2's Trip To The Seaside - Chris Jones
8 of us set off from the Bellflower in the sunshine on what I thought was the 40 mile route to Blackpool.
However a mile or two beyond Guys I was asked if we had taken a wrong turn.
Last night I downloaded route 1 and route 2 and it seems I accidentally ?? uploaded the 52 mile route to Blackpool on my Wahoo. Anyway after a quick conference we all agreed to continue on the longer route.
It was a new way to Lytham for us all and we soon arrived at Lytham Hall to find it very busy so decided to try Lowther Gardens instead.
After coffee, sausages and Eccles cakes and queuing for the toilets (we seem to have to queue for everything ATM????) we set off following the route on a tour of Lytham, I believe we have our illustrious chairman to thank for this route. Whilst in Lytham Vince had a rear puncture so we all stood in the sunshine watching from a social distance.
Once repaired we soon found ourselves back by the shore and headed down the promenade to the comedy carpet/tower for the obligatory photo opportunity.
From there it was onto Bispham, across to Shard Bridge where Roy left us to head home. Then it was back onto the familiar lanes before Annette and Ste left us to head home towards Pilling.
The remaining 5 carried on back to Garstang, ride completed at an average of 14mph.
From there Miriam and myself headed to The Patten Arms and met up with Sim, Karen, Tim, Tigger and the Chuckle brothers for a couple of drinks in the sunshine, it was busy but really nice to see people enjoying themselves again in a sensible way.
Note to self 2 Bacardi and cokes really slows you down on the last 20km home????
Fantastic day out, thanks for the company everyone.

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