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Saturday 17th April 2021

B1 ride report - Blackpool/Fleetwood/Patten Arms pub team - Karen Sienkiewicz
At the Bell as usual this morning, the request by Shane for another RC to lead a second group fell on deaf ears and ....as usual, I found myself saying "yes, I will RC" ?? Note to self...don't be a gobby control freak in future and let some other really keen person to volunteer! Might be waiting a while though! ??
Myself, Sim, Tigger, Newby Tim Norton, Trev and Dan Ford set off ahead of Shane's group heading out through Garstang on a new route pulled together by our illustrious leader Phil Morgan (Top Job Phil ??). Riding out via Myerscough, Treales and Kirkham, there was plenty of banter to be heard with the newby Tim adding his yorkshire humour to the mix by suggesting he wouldn't be paying his joining fees if we didnt delight him and provide a quality ride experience!
On a P stop near Ribby Hall for a couple of the boys, we were overtaken by Shane's group who had been breathing down our necks from the go get...and that was the last we saw of them ?????
Via Lytham prom, onto Blackpool prom and all along the (very long) prom through to Fleetwood, we dodged the normal punters (along with dogs, prams, scooters, roller skaters, clowns, tattoo artists etc etc) who were all out enjoying the sunshine! Arriving at Fleetwood at 50 miles, I was certainly ready to eat so we found a bakery and indulged ourselves with various bakery items sat in a churchyard. ??
Sim led the way back towards Shard Bridge and once over, the pub started calling us and the time trial began. Despite bringing up the rear, I earned several cups and PRs and we all arrived at the pub very quickly! The chuckle brothers arrived not long after with their usual tales of thrills and spills and we watched in awe as they first disrobed and then hit their 1st of 4 pints in a very short period. ????????Thirsty work this MTB,ing I guess. ??
We were joined a little later by Miriam and CJ en-route to pick up a loaf! Lots of ribbing, fun and laughter had by all and we departed at various times for home. Newby has since confirmed he will come out again with us no doubt wanting value for his tenner??
From my perspective, a perfect day on my bike with sunshine and great company. Thanks gang ??

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