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Saturday 3rd April 2021

A Ride report - Ian Tubridge
A late addition to the calendar a planned ride to Ingleton. 4 set off a bit late myself, Mick Birchall, Dave Brook and Action Yoshi.
I had planned a route that tried where possible to be a different direction to the normal, so out to Cockerham at wheetabix pace then into a slight headwind to slow it a bit for Galgate to Forest Hills then cut across to go over Littledale with clear views of the Lake District at the top for a brief stop. Over to Bentham then to Ingleton on the superb old road from Newby, more superb views. Cafe or butty shop excellent in the centre and we took advantage of the bench in the church grounds opposite.
Heading for home to Wennington and took a right to detour over to Melling and Gressingham over the tops back to Caton. Another stop as we met Rick W and Kath W heading the other way, then back by the lower Long Lane to Galgate and home.
A good day out and glad to be back in a group, a mixed bag of mileages from 70 to 91 miles the official route being 67, not too hilly, but for me the wind direction had changed and the last 8 home were a bit of a slog.

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