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Saturday 25th January 2020

A Ride - Michael Birchall
The year of the Rat began with the bullish idea of doing a few local hills. Optimism soon turned as I repeatedly left the house , then returned for forgotten kit, then back in like some mini groundhog day.
It didn't look like rain from inside the house, however, once riding through it into a south westerly, I found myself fairly sodden by the time I reached the cobbles.
Seven of us formed a magnificent group heading North, soon mixing it up with numerous, speedy B1' ers, obviously well conditioned after several Wednesday whizz'sss.
Unfortunately a computer error left me navigating from my increasingly erratic short term memory, however, it was only a matter of completing a few well known hills in a particular order so wasn't too difficult. The route took us up to Dolphinholme, Condor Bottoms, Caton, Littledale, Jubilee Tower, and The Trough, pit stopping at Puddle ducks, Dunsop Bridge. It was a beans day for me, mindful that cured pig might be regretted, still having to climb Hall Hill and Birdy Brow n all. However following a glanced message from Mrs B my plans were dashed, the eldest's dance comp. having been annoyingly brought forward from the pre planned time, forcing an early bath for me.
We eventually went our separate ways myself taking a fairly direct route home the rest doing their own thing with various ammounts of enthusiasm.

Silver medals then for Ian, Yoshi and new lad (apologies for my aforementioned short term memory loss) for pretty much completing the route. Gold for Mario, duly earning his Super title this week for putting in an impressive ton. (or had he just forgotten where he lives)
Many thanks to all, fairer times ahead I'm sure.

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