Ride Reports

Saturday 25th January 2020

B1 Ride - Bolton Le Sands - Karen Sienkiewicz
An excellent turnout on the cobbles resulted in two groups of 10 for my RC choice ride to Borwick (ooh had I brought enough dates/jellybabies ??)? I volunteered to lead the B2 group as didnt look like any others had managed to load my strava route successfully, whereas the B1 group had several potential RCs. It was like a cycling festival on Green Lane with the As and the Cs all converging but we soon settled into a nice little group towards Cleveley Mere. We overtook the B1s near Forton when they stopped for a mechanical issue but were soon overtaken again up Whams Lane. I had plotted a completely new route but I understand the B1s missed several legs of it whereas us B2s did the majority of the convoluted route on new roads (how very dare they)!
We said goodbye to Dave H at Halton as he is recovering after his surgery and carried on up Green Lane, Kellets, Borwick, Warton and onto the cafe at BLS. Arriving at the Archers cafe, the B1s were just being served food and so we found seats in "The Dog House" and waited for our food. We just averted a near accident when a picnic bench decided to up-end a few riders, so we organised a synchronised stand up when we were due to leave!
We retraced our route to the A6 and crossed the canal to BLS and out on the back road towards Lancaster. Martin Oglesby suggested a little detour over the Lune Aqueduct (currently drained of water for repairs) and then down onto the cycle path. Most of the ride was spent listening to the girls laughing and giggling in the bunch - I will have a pint of whatever they were drinking!
At Cockerham we lost the usual suspects and carried onto a few more new roads round Clifton Hill and Ford Green (again missed by the B1s ??) and back to Garstang. Everyone seemed happy with the unusual route and the steady pace so "jobs a good-un" as they say. See you next week for more of the same! ????

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