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Saturday 13th July 2019

Beacon Undulations - Luke Bosman

For various reasons, including lack of perceived fitness, perceived lack of time, and a perceived belief that one needn’t drive a car to start a bicycle ride, a number of rebel B riders assembled on the Cobbles to discuss ride choices.

Most agreed to follow a route around Bleasdale, Longridge and Chipping with refuelling offered by Little Town Dairy. At least for the first ten miles or so, I had actually planned a route. We headed up May Lane to Brock Bottoms and completed three quarters of a lap of Beacon Fell (although Karen seemed to think we should do less, setting off down Carwags Lane only to belatedly realise that that was not the plan), plummeting down Crumbleholme Fold and then on to Inglewhite.

At the junction of Silk Mill and Langley Lanes, two loops of my planned route crossed over themselves. Misreading my Garmin, I turned left. A combination of hasty cycling from those at the head of the peloton, my lack of fitness putting me in a small chase group and not actually wanting to own up to having cocked up, meant subsequent route planning occurred on the fly.

We passed Ye Closed Horns Inn heading towards Longridge, and wondered whether Hannah Gordon was reviving Watercolour Challenge as artists lined the streets. I like to think I showed due consideration for their art and gave them time to capture my likeness. The lead group, on the other hand, were a blur.

For a while on Higher Road it looked as though the lead group were aiming to complete an ascent of Jeffrey Hill— not wishing to spoil any surprises I remained tight-lipped— but at the junction with Birks Brow they had wisely decided to await instruction. We dropped down towards Little Town Dairy and beat the C-group Advance Party to the best table by seconds.

Suitably fed and caffeinated, we set off directly towards Chipping, from which point I decided that most future navigation would be chosen by the group:

“Pick a number between 1 and 20.”

“Er, five?”


We avoided the worst of the ascent from Chipping and headed towards Ye Folded Horns Inn.

“Pick a number between 1 and 100.”


“Second right. Pay attention to the road signs and name.”

Ford Lane is best avoided in winter and after precipitation. On this occasion it simply provided a wheel wash. On through Goosnargh we rode as the random numbers selected Barton Lane and Jepps Lane and then a short excursion west of the A6. By the time we had ridden towards Guy’s my legs had had enough climbing for the day. Bill and Peter kindly gave me a tow, opting with Chris to find a pub. I opted to find a bath.

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