Ride Reports

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Well what a tootle we had today, there were 12 of us set off from the cobbles to go to Whitehaven, we had told Malcolm & Bob we were going to Little Town Dairy as Malcolm wanted a southward destination, so we all decided to go north instead. Unfortunately we soon found out that none of us, like the UK government, actually know where Whitehaven is so we went to Little Town anyway because we know where that is! We set off towards Longridge down lovely little lanes & were soon at the café which has lovely plants for sale as well but unfortunately Mr Jackson upon sitting at his table wacked one & sent plants rolling all over the floor & all the people in the café turned & looked at us for making all this noise & we laughed uncontrollably! So we ordered our food & drinks & then engaged in much badinage & then some jocularity & then the inevitable banter which we couldn’t leave out of course. As we were merrily bantering Malcolm turned up & joined us & then we grudgingly went outside to our bikes as it was beginning to drizzle but we enjoyed ourselves so much we decided we would come back again on Saturday when we are supposed to go to Chipping, but as we're not sure how to get to Chipping either we’ll come back to Little Town because we definitely know where that is now!

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