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Saturday 25th May 2019

B Group Ride report Ribblehead - Shane Blackmore

Nine riders left Low Bentham and headed North passing through Burton in Lonsdale and then northeasterly and the first climb of the day up Barbondale Rd then descending to Gawthrop, As we passed through Dent we passed the C group at the café and gave them a wave although Paula and Karen were contemplating joining them. Leaving Dent we headed for Cowgill Karen was in her usual position at the front of the peloton when passing a farm gate she found a lamb which had somehow got the hook that is normally used for closing the gate lodged in its mouth it looked very nasty as blood was dripping from the lamb's mouth. Karen quickly climbed over the gate to lift the lamb while other members of the group tried to free the lamb. Phil Doyle had managed to free the lamb by the time the locals had come to help. The lamb was set free and did not seem any worse for its experience. We then continued the climb up to Dent Head viaduct and along Newby Head Gate turning right onto Blea Moor Road we started the descent to Gearstones although with a strong headwind this was tougher than usual. As we approached the left turn onto Gauber Rd we saw a steam train (Princess Elizabeth 6201) heading for the Ribblehead Viaduct it was a wonderful view watching it go over the viaduct.
By this time we were all ready for a café stop and headed for Selside and then to Horton in Ribblesdale only to be disappointed to find the regular café had shut down although we did spot a few bikes belonging to the A group parked outside a craft shop. As we pulled up Ian Tunbridge came out and said they had been waiting over 30mins already we decided to look for somewhere else. Thankfully as luck would have it a mile down the road I spotted a sign Middle Studfold Farm Tea Room. We could not have asked for better food and service it was excellent and very reasonably priced thanks Jan and Edd. Cafe Stop: Studfold Farm Tea Room
All fed and watered we had approximately 14 miles left passing through Helwith Bridge, Wharfe, Austwick, Keasden and finally back to Low Bentham although the last mile or so was a little challenging as the newly surfaced road had only recently been done and a lot of loose gravel remained.

Another great day out with the B group or should we change the name to GCC Animal Rescue.

Tally for the last three outings
Four Horses
One Cow
One Calf
One Lamb

Thanks again for joining me and making it a great day.

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