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Saturday 25th May 2019

A Group Ride report Ribblehead - Ian Tunbridge
GCC Christmas A Ride 25/?/19– Ribblehead

Well it felt like Christmas!! The 25th just a different month!

I was early for once then a swarm of riders appeared on the cobbles to join the advertised ‘comfortable’ ride. One rider had been so eager he couldn’t sleep and set off at an unearthly hour, realising his error of route and time phoned to stall the start, another so eager on the upcoming ride went the wrong way to the start in the car and called to meet on route. Various others had messaged ahead to join somewhere on the outgoing few miles. We were set for a blast, then PB rocked up with a mate who obviously should have been starting stage 14 somewhere in Italy, and other Big Guns arrived too. Argghhh!! Comfortable I said.

I took the lead out of Garstang with the intention of staying there to control the peloton, I lost count a few times of how many there were, at least something teen! But it was great to have so many out again on an A Ride.

Off up happy valley I was soon put in my place, the back, but not far off! Off went RW to steady the pack, cheers RW, all together again we met up with two others on the way to Caton, and the pace was ok and we cracked on together…. for now! Up a steep hill, Green lane we had a few gaps, then on the road towards KL we took a right which was the planned route but despite all efforts ‘Mr Giro’ and ‘Mr ill, Boz’ jousting in the breakaway couldn’t be caught and went straight on, they found us again later, well a lot later!

The route took us towards Hornby where we turned left, the main road was brilliantly quite, Justin informed me after we had a gentle car driver holding off the pack of cars behind, sometimes good to be in a group.

Ingleton arrived and the climb of the day was steady for me, the ‘in form’ riders took off and battled to the top, I this is I was told later. Regrouped at Ribblehead it was a tail breeze towards the ? stop. Missing word is Café. It was closed down. Oops! We moved forwards a few yards to a knitting shop that sold other things, food being one. My only comment on this lost hour is they had no pen or tin opener, and some nice lady waving a loaf of bread at us which at some point in the future provided us with sandwiches. The breakaway ‘lost 2’ arrived at some point then got food before us. Shame on you.

The B’s then arrived and I quickly ushered them off, offering advice to reverse and go back to a tea shop a mile back. Bravado took them forwards to conquer and find food, and they actually found a B&B that did super food approximately a mile away.

After our prolonged stop the weather had changed a little for the cooler, jackets were on. The amazing road to Austwick was all too soon behind us.

Outside ow Austwick we had a white van moment, thankfully the laughing t**ss** didn’t knock anyone off. Towards Keasdon and Wray we were thankful we brought the Big Guns to shelter behind, cheers J.

Nobody wanted to ride up Littledale thankfully, another day for that. Back through Brookhouse and Galgate soon appeared. Now a few riders wished to add on miles around Glasson, it avoided a part of the rat run so was ok.

Cockerham appeared and I felt as though I could add to the 85 miles but decided no.

Stats! No idea how many started, or average speed, though I am sure a few averages were different, mine certainly better hiding behind people.

No idea who started, who joined, who left, or when.

No big scary hills.

No café.

One big scary fast white van.

One continental Giro rider, thanks Lawrence, joking aside you would have been dropped in Italy so you are welcome with GCC anytime.

Had a chat with everyone, which included ‘slow down a bit’!

Nobody bought me a present! Boo!

Till next time…..

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