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Saturday 8th December 2018

B2 Ride Report - Lytham - David Hodgson
I arrived at the cobbles hoping and praying no one would turn up but to my amazement there was 3 B2 riders Phil D, Steve J and Bill ready to go. We also had joining us for the first time Neil who is thinking of joining the club although from his showing on the day he would probably be at home with the A's. The two C riders Tazmin and Kenny tagged along and we set off at a decent pace. At Catforth Tazmin left us and although Roots was a temptation the remaining 7 agreed to push on the Lytham. Just before Bartle Hall Steve got a puncture and team mucked in to ensure we were quickly on our way. The head wind was tough but we bunched together like penguins and made it to Lytham in good time. I was introduced to Lytham Hall cafe and tales of ghosts before we set off home. As soon as we left the cafe the rain came in but we pressed on to Westby and Elswick. Three of the Magnificent 7 peeled off and the remaining 4 rode back to garstang. The wind and rain was not nice but what great company never a dull moment with the B2. Total distance 48m at an average pace of 13.7mph not bad considering the weather.

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