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Friday evening- 2nd February

Pete Heyworth's Night Rufty Tufty Pub and Canal Crawl (with Lights)
Observations from a victim of Peter Heyworth ‘s Night Rufty Tufty Pub Ride.
Friday evening 2nd February- By Phil Morgan

Peter has been a busy boy on the maps of late. Not only did he come up with a cracking route last night which saw 5 willing participants engage in a losing battle with muddy canal towpaths, but also magicked a hard Tour of Bowland on today’s B 1 ride which saw a number os arrive home with webbed feet and shrunken crown jewels.
It was bitterly cold yesterday evening: dressing for the occasion, and decorating ones bike with enough illumination to navigate the dark and festeringly muddy Dandy Birks not to mention the Lancaster Canal Towpath- ‘‘twas a long job.
On the cobbles were Dave Brook, David Threlfall , Sally Lawrenson aka Souper Mario Chris, myself and Pete.
After a quick photo- not a road junction in sight ( technically there are two on view). - we set off, heading north, and along the Wyre track past the flood gates and over the Wyre. Up past Barnacre Church and Butt Hill, then onto the unbelievably slippy Dandy Birks. Pete flew down here in the dark picking up a 9th o/a on Strava. Most surefooted as always was Dave Brook, who clearly has expert mountain bike skills. No one fell off but we all plastered our bikes in mud- there is a common thread running here
Progress along the canal towpath was slow- max effort but going almost at zero speed. would anyone fall in? Would anyone get pushed in. The water looked dangerously close in the dark!
Long story short- we trooped into Old Nells for beer, Guinness,and lager, plus food. We thought how cool we looked decked out in Lycra and shorts.
We looked prats. But good fun stood in a pub with a rear light flashing away attached to the
back of your jacket
After refreshment, and dragging Dave away from his glass, we returned along the canal heading towards the Kenlis Arms- all lights still burning brightly. The return ride, ridden with beer goggles on, was much more cavalier, lots of banter and some nearly falling in the canal moments
Even more beer at the Kenlis and much merriment.
Agreed to be hugely enjoyable all round, this won’t be the last Friday night RT we run I suspect

Thanks must go to Pete who is doing a splendid job these days in devising really great rides

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