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Saturday 27th January 2018

C Ride- Heysham- Part 2 by Bob Raferty
Due to computer error concluding part of ride report...
The exhilarating swoop down to the prom to Morecambe is always a joy but today apart for a few dogs taking their owners for a walk the place was grey and alien
.Leaving the prom behind we rejoined the cycle track back to Lancaster only to be confronted by 300 yards of submerged pathway .
Dave the supreme optimist that he is ,decided to test the water having past the point of no return the bike barely visible and the water above knee height .Dave ploughed on eventually making dry land ,we didn't know wether to laugh or cry....., Petula began to laugh with gusto so we all joined in .
Forsaking the usual trek through the university the final part of the ride took us back through Cockerham back to base
Not ideal cycling conditions but any day out on a bicycle is a good one .
Sorry for delay
BOB(The One andOnly)

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