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Saturday 20th January 2018

C Ride to Longridge- By Will Mullineaux
A small gathering on the cobbles - to be expected on a cold and wet winter morning.
For the C ride- just me - and a message that Malcolm may appear out on the route.
Gave Bob an extra 5 mins, but no show so off I went....

Sure enough out on the Bleasdale road Malcolm reeled me in and we had a C ride.!

As we got nearer to Longridge we were confronted by a farmer type brandishing a shot gun with a dispatched pheasant between his feet and a pair of Labradors running around. Gun fire sounded close by and we were minded to enquire regarding our safety. We were assured it was safe and continued with some haste out of the war zone.

Soon a welcome sight of our cafe where we found Stuart and Frank in motor car wear.

Now we were 4 and with a place laid ready for Bob we tucked into monster sausage rolls and coffee.

Some time later Peter Bell turned up and claimed Bob's chair.

This was the first time I have seen more members turn up at a cafe stop in cars than on bikes. May be we should change the our name to the Garstang Lunch and Cycle Club?.

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