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Saturday 5th August 2017

B1 Ride to Bolton by Bowland by Keith Oglesby
There was a good turnout for the B1 ride, with the promise of an ‘extended’ route and low probability of rain for a change. I had cobbled together a route base on Ride 29, but with an added loop from ‘Bolton be Bowland’ towards Wigglesworth, and substituting the Chaigley climb with the infamous Birdy Brow.
I was happy to see that at least Sue and Phil had successfully loaded the route, and so we had multiple Garmins, and less chance to stray, but that did not stop a slight wrong slot at Hesketh Lane.
In a fortunate stroke of serendipity, we found Sec there, asleep under a bench where he was waiting for the B2 ride who did not pass that way. Ignoring a bridleway, we followed our route through Chipping to Cow Ark.
At the top of the climb at Spire, Phil advised that he had been stung under the helmet by a wasp! Understandably he was concerned, as were we… for the wasp.
It was good to see that the roads at Marl Hill and Easington have been repaired now although caution is still required because of loose chippings. Caution was also taken on the bad left hander near Slaidburn where there had been an accident between a cyclist and a vehicle.
After the descent through Holden, Sec and Martin elected for a leisurely lunch with the B2 group whilst we tackled the 15 km Yorkshire loop. We were rewarded with fantastic views of Ribblesdale and Pendle, speeding along on smooth tarmac and a downhill race to the café which was overflowing with cyclists.
We joined a happy B2 group inside, and soon became overwhelmed by our own conversation. The waitress smiled as she patiently took our orders for “Eggs, Beans and Eggs, Eggs and Beans, and Beans, with an Egg, on white and brown toast please.” And cakes.
We returned following the usual route through Waddington but taking in Birdy Brow, Beacon Fell and Brock Bottoms, so a bit of a test for all, and a really enjoyable day out. Thanks guys!
Rough stats: approx. 70 miles, 5,500’, 14.5 mph average. 14 eggs, 2000 beans, 1 wasp.

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