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Saturday 29th July 2017

B2 Ride to Ullsawater by Shane Blackmore
B2 Ride Report Route 37 Ullswater 50 miles 3831Ft Climbed Average 13.1mph

As I headed Northbound on the M6 to Tebay I noticed the temperature dropping a couple of degrees and lots of grey clouds over the Lake District by the time I reached Tebay it was pouring down. I was left wondering how many B2’s would make the trip.
David Hodgson and Chris where the first to turn up shortly after Steve Hopkinson,Martin Martin Stringfellow,Sarah-Jane and Ian Gibson arrived who said they would be on the B2 ride.
As more riders arrived B1 and B2 we got ready to set off.
Would like to say welcome to Tim who had joined us for the first time also planned to ride the B2 route.

We All set off in one group shortly after the B1’s increased the pace and left us behind unfortunately Tim had mistakenly stuck with the B1’s which left 7 riders for the B2 route.
We headed to Shap and then onto Brampton Grange before arriving at Pooley Bridge 20 miles in for the cafe due to an organised run been on the café was very busy but we found a couple of tables outside fortunately with umbrella’s as another shower arrived. David got into the spirit of things cheering and clapping the runners as they went passed the cafe. All Fed and watered we left the cafe dodging the runners for a short distance before we turned left out of Pooley Bridge and they went right.
After Eamont Bridge we headed south easterly to Cliburn before Newby and then climbing to Reagill and then headed to the B6260 heading to Orton with very strong cross winds which made the climb a little tougher. As I approached the A685 I passed a single rider it was Tim he had finally escaped the B1’s to re-join us for the last couple of miles back to Tebay. Hopefully you can stay with the B2’s a little longer next time nice to meet you although briefly.

All in all an incident free ride with a few showers and strong winds.

Finally I would just like to thank everyone for waiting for me as I found it a little tough today not having been near a bike for two weeks due to injury and for the majority of the ride this RC was at the back of the group my average today was 12.1mph

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