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Saturday 8th July 2017

C Ride to Lytham by Stuart Murray
The weather forecast was very favourable and this ever popular flat route along mostly quiet lanes to Lytham enticed 9 enthusiastic wheelers to assemble on the cobbles. Our planned café was for most of us a new one in Lytham Hall (a Pip recommendation) so as 2 of our most regular riders were absent we did wonder if they may be waiting for us at a different café!
We were welcoming Petula and Dave back from their personal Tour de France. They had obviously thoroughly enjoyed their time and much of the banter and chat of the day was around details of their Des vacances à vélo.
The route was via Cartford toll bridge where the young lady struggled with both her 2 and 9 timetables but finally having nearly run out of fingers got the right answer. As planned we picked up Mick in Elswick. Good to see him out again after taking a break for a few weeks. Also, a belated welcome to Keith from Knott End who was on his third outing with us.
The pace was fairly even, apart from the short section of Fleetwood road which was very busy not helped by a(nother) car boot sale. [all those people buying stuff they don’t need and will probably sell again next week!]. Through Weeton and the Plumptons to the Balham road and we reached our destination café by 11:20.
We established ourselves in the sunny garden area and our ordered food was quickly served and the general opinion was this café ranked as one of the best. An abortive attempt to make contact with Will and Bob was made but there was no sighting. Hope to see you next time.
Our route home was via a series of quiet lanes back into Kirkham and onward to Roseacre where this writer and Tamsin detoured from the main peloton who I hope made a safe journey back to sunny Garstang. My thanks to all for making it a most enjoyable ride. See you all next time.

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