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Saturday 8th July 2017

B1 Ride to Silverdale by Peter Heyworth
As a green horn RC and having pledged for a gentle introduction seemed to tempt fate from the off.
Firstly the B1 were infiltrated with the helmless A group as the route was a half way point between the B.'s and the A's. Obviously the A's were welcomed but under scouts honour that this was a B1 ride.
So we rolled out of Garstang with a strong turn out of 10 riders, mixed ability and strengths as we trundled up and over jubilee tower, so far the rookie was doing ok.
Then the first test as Chris had a blow out and crash off dropping down Jubilee tower. With the accident book filled in we pushed onto new ground over Hutton roof before a very welcomed cafe stop.
The return leg was a so called amble with the A's firing off the front with B's in persuit which soon split the group into 3 groups before dispiriting for home, hurding kittens springs to mind.
Caton saw Chris secound puncture before he limped home, fair play as he cracked on without a winge, i think he will be stinging in the morning.

In reflection I think the mixed group worked well with a new route of a half way house between the two groups. Great ride to cut your teeth as RC.

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