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Saturday 15th April 2017

B1 Ride to Bolton by Bowland by Steve Kelly
Flying spanners and Electric Bikes
A good turnout on a bright but coolish morning. Looking to avoid Cow Ark (needlessly as the B2s reported new tarmac) we headed for the Trough. Just after crossing the motorway beyond Scorton there was a metallic clatter so we all stopped to identify the reason. John Keohane dropped back to find a spanner in the road which nobody owned up to. This was therefore quickly adopted as the B1 spanner and will henceforth be carried by the rider pushing the pace in an attempt to slow him, or her, down.
Ian T left us at Dunsop Bridge thereby gaining valuable brownie points from the missus but did manage to do Hall Hill on the way back (new tarmac up there too I believe). Kudos.
We pressed on through Slaidburn and its little Alpine hairpin before the undulations taking us to BbyB. Café owner Chris was vey grateful that we had booked ahead so reserved tables (and beans) were immediately available.
Lunch over and with Cherry Scone abandoning us for the delights on the soft boys in the B2s we set off home. While overtaking a couple on electric bikes the gentleman in front decided to give it full gas to sell us on the merits of electric power. Unluckily for him 15 mph didn't persuade us. He was last seen trying to explain to his missus why he had no charge left; the rest of his ride will have done wonders for his leg power.
Which left us with only the Chaigley climb to overcome and with Peter Heyworth pulling at the front we were soon through Longridge and the back lanes to Inglewhite.
Nice ride, nice day, nice company.

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