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Saturday 1st April 2017

C Ride to Hest Bank by Yvonne Field
Twelve C riders left the cobbles this morning to head off for Hest Bank under the threat of rain. By the time we got to the Stork we had fifteen. Half of us went to Lancaster on the road, while the other halve opted to go on the muddy cycle track. We regrouped at the millennium bridge then off we all went to Morecambe and along the prom to the beach cafe at Hest Bank. Good, cheap, and cheerful food and good service but alas not great views today. After we left the cafe we split up again with half going on the road with Malcolm, and the other half sticking with me and going on the canal. We then went through the Uni where I lost the plot a bit but was soon put back on track by my buddy Mike. We then went across country but not the usual way - Gwen took us through SHIREHEAD. It was a nice change as we hadn’t been that way before, then through Scorton back to Garstang .
So nice to have B riders with us, it was a lovely ride good company at a nice steady pace.

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