Ride Reports

Saturday 18th March 2017

C Ride to Knott End by Bob Raftery
Despite the dire weather forecast 17 well insulated riders made the start line having decided that the club ride to Knott End was a good idea.
Slicing our way through a stiff head wind we made steady progress passing through Winmarleigh -Stakepool-Pilling arriving at the café thankful for some respite from the wind and the rain ,plus basking in the knowledge that a following wind will make the return leg far easier.
Banter commenced with gusto, Stepheny taking centre stage regaling all with her new found sporting prowess as a boxer (watch this space).
The return leg was a straight forward affair the anticipated following wind making progress effortless despite an increase in rainfall.
Continuing along moss lane passing Mr Durrigan’s residence, onward to Skitham Lane back to base.
Thanks to all enjoyed your good humour admired your resilience - almost forgot the ride to Knott End was a good idea after all

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