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Saturday 28th February 2017

B1 Ride to Clitheroe by Vincent George
Ride leader or ride co-coordinator, I’m not sure downloading the map onto my Garmin and providing occasional advice on whether to go left, right or straight on counts for either. However other than being extremely wet and cold the B1 ride today was pretty uneventful, no getting lost, no major debates over the route and only one unplanned deviation from Mr Garmin’s instructions counts as successful in my eyes.

The decision to change the café stop from the publicised café or "pie shop" to the Green Jersey proved a good move, at least in my opinion - service was friendly, food was good and reasonably priced. Although quality and value are subjective so you may disagree.

Kudos to all who turned out today, certainly far more riders than I thought would join me when I set off from home in what were fairly miserable conditions. It can be hard to enjoy the moment as you suffer a long climb, wet through and cold, but there is a sense of achievement after, and you rarely if ever regret meeting the challenge once it is over.

Thanks all who joined me today, hopefully everyone got back ok and soon recovered from the cold and wet conditions.

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